How To Cook Banana Bread (Click Bait)

How To Cook Banana Bread (Click Bait)


2020 has changed the world as we know it. Everything seems a bit crazy, a bit upside down and the internet is included in that.

People are consuming content more than ever, you, reading this right now, are probably doing so because it’s Easter Monday and you’re stuck at home bored out of your mind. Well, me too.

How has your week been? Joe Wicks workouts every morning? Puzzle? Essential trip to the shop to buy toilet roll? Did you bake banana bread?

How would I know this? All from the internet. No, I’ve hacked you and I’m listening to your conversations. 5G can’t read your mind. I know this from Google Trends. Seeing what everyone is searching for is telling the story of this pandemic more accurately than anything else. One thing that is clear is that people are going bananas, well for… banana bread.

According to Google Trends, searches for banana bread have gone up 84% in the UK in the past month, and 55% worldwide. This craze has been noticed so much so, one twitter user asked the fair question “Is Covid-19 sponsored by banana bread?”.

Don’t believe me? We are now deep into lockdown, and we know that the number of available impressions against banana bread content is up 190%. The first Sunday after lockdown might as well be declared National Banana Bread Day – as this was peak time for content. Bananas.

No one could have known that the world declaring a pandemic would result in stress baking. Although what we do know though is its happening and its happening now.  You can get a lot of information if you know where to find it.

There is more to this story than just a surge of baking in times of stress. Any trend is an opportunity to do some good and get some great engagement in the process. It holds the key to where everyone’s attention is at that moment. So, by knowing where everyone is looking, is then knowing the best place to be.

This situation is particularly unique, as peoples’ attention has shifted, and for many, so has what is important to them. As a brand you can use what is unique to you to help others in this time of uncertainty. Above everything else, you want to be able to look back and as the saying goes, “in some of the worst times, you did your absolute best”.

With their fingers on the pulse, trailblazer GymShark Founder Ben Francis and Chief Brand Officer Noel Mack, reacted to the current situation, by changing their name on Twitter from GymShark to HomeShark, “cause some of you need reminding to stay at home”. The post is now their most-engaged post ever on Instagram.

Independent Brewer BrewDog started making hand sanitiser at its distillery in Aberdeenshire to help with the overnight shortages across the country driven by coronavirus panic. BrewDog’s founder, James Watt, announced the move to “do everything they can to try and help as many people as possible stay safe”. Punk Sanitiser is free to those that need it.

One of the world’s largest toilet paper producers, Cottonelle, delivered a direct message to stop panic buying. Urging people to ‘stock up on generosity’ instead. At the same time they launched a campaign called #ShareASquare, in partnership with US based charity United Way. The brand pledged $1 million and one million rolls of toilet paper to United Way Worldwide’s COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund. And for everyone who uses the hashtag #ShareASquare, the brand will donate an additional $1 up to $100K.

Many SEO professionals are living and breathing google trends right now. One wrote, “Search trends are shifting at an unprecedented speed. This is business as unusual”. This may be true, things moving at this extraordinary pace could be seen as different, however trends like this are not.

Each pandemic induced craze we see this week, and in the weeks to come, is the macro example of the trends we always see in day to day life. Ideas, products and concepts are always trending. The key is knowing how to spot them and how to really use them.

Now, I’m going to do my 5th Joe Wicks workout of the day, and then I am going to the shop to buy essential banana bread ingredients. (Stay At Home, Protect The NHS & Save Lives) <3